#7 Is Up To Something....

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I’m usually the one challenging @mychael_mayne when we’re at the gym, last night he challenged me to step up to 80lbs. 90lbs and then 100lbs is in sight!

Successful Sunday! Thanks a million to my brother at @bulldognutrition for all the amazing samples and products I went in looking for as well. Their prices are lower than the competition. Follow them for updates & store deals!
Caught my Beats Pill 2.0 Dude taking a selfie of himself!
Intense training session last night with my homie I’ve known since we were 6 years young… (at GoodLife Liberty Village)
🙊 Intense training last night! (at GoodLife Fitness)
7 second break from life!
Cover for: It’s A D.J. Rap Vol.20


The video is FINALLY OUT!!!! DJ Infamous - Double Cup

Off to DJ!