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Vinyl Hunting on Queen Street this afternoon!
After workout routine protein with Angry Black!
Currently listening to….
Next Baseball Pickup!
Every morning I drive by this tall structure, the CN Tower. Everyday this popular feature of Toronto is photographed hundreds, if not thousands of times. As I get closer to it while driving on the Gardiner Expressway, I will open my sunroof to get a better look at the lights, sometimes take a picture and send it off to friend. That friend that receives the pictures is always amazed at the colours, and how tall it is. I hope to take that friend up there some day soon!

I went many months looking for this single on vinyl and I finally found it!! Memories of hearing this track back when I was in high school, and still one of my favourites to this day!
Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty

There are moments in life when we receive something special, a sign, a moment of truth, happiness, a positive light that leads to a positive path in our tunnel vision. Sometimes some of life’s smallest gestures that can change someone’s mindset go unnoticed, when that person/moment deserves to be recognized and know that they are appreciated. Pictured in my post is my lovely friend Anie. Always has been a positive person since the day I met her. She may be many miles away from where I am, but not a moment in this life would I ever let that stop me, or us as a matter of fact in building a friendship together. Thank you for being you Anie, your love, support, is deeply appreciated and lives in my heart and soul each day. As you do so for me, I can return that love and support for you in many ways as well. You deserve the world and beyond! makeupbyanie

Nike+ FuelBand SE colour change… Toronto is my home, my  fitness playground!